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Who are we?

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Norse Group of Companies

NORSE DESIGN was established under NORSE GROUP companies with strong engineering and design capability for design with various type of vessel, industrial plant design and engineering services.

NORSE DESIGN is able to provide a tailor made design for various type of project with its talented and eager team. Main goal of NORSE DESIGN is to deliver a total package of design services according to customer’s requirements to the best possible satisfaction.

Why You Should Choose Us?

High Quality Approach

Within the company, up-to-date technology is constantly monitored and the products offered reach optimum durability within this understanding. We continue to provide the best service by working with successful partners in our supply network by integrating with our experienced and innovative understanding in the industry.

Delivery on Time

Norse Group of Companies has made a mission to complete the business and service delivered in a determined manner in accordance with the plan that it presents. In this respect, discipline, continuity and well-prepared plans are among our fundamentals.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Priority in all deliveries and services is to provide the highest quality in line with the desires of the customer. This forms the core of our understanding.

Price Sdvantage

Providing low cost to our customer for all services is the one of our target fundamentals.

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